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Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas With Kids Review

Symphony of the Seas isn’t just another ship; it’s one of the world’s largest! It’s been one of our favorite cruises so far.

Symphony Of The Seas From Port

Key Takeaways

  • Symphony of the Seas is one of the largest ships, and it is fun for all ages, including water slides, rock climbing, and really good live shows.
  • Your fare includes meals in main dining rooms, pools, kids’ clubs, etc. Things like drinks and special activities cost extra.
  • To save money, choose inside cabins, check to see if packages are really a good deal, and watch out for hidden costs.
  • This Royal Caribbean cruise offers impressive features such as an Aqua Theater, basketball court, ice rink, zip line, and delicious food options.

Overview of Symphony of the Seas

Stepping aboard Symphony of the Seas is like entering a floating city. Unlike other small ships we’ve been on, this one doesn’t even feel like you’re on a ship in many areas.

This Royal Caribbean giant takes family fun to new heights with its unique blend of thrilling activities, cozy accommodations, and mouthwatering eats for all ages.

Sister Ships of Symphony of the Seas: Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas: These sister ships belong to the Oasis class by Royal Caribbean International.

We’ve also cruised on the Oasis, on its first cruise after it was completely remodeled. The ships have similar amenities and entertainment.

While there are some differences between the ships, we’d pick the one that offers the best itinerary, price, and embarkation point.

Our Symphony of the Seas journeyed in the beautiful Port of Miami. The ship leaves at sunset, which is always a great view!

Why Our Family Loves this ship

The Symphony of the Seas has a deck plan full of fun spots and cozy rooms. You can find swimming pools, tasty food places, and cool lounges all over the ship. If your family loves adventure, you’ll be excited about the Ultimate Abyss slide, Perfect Storm water slides, zip line, and rock climbing walls.

Kids will have a blast at Splashaway Bay! For quieter times, stroll in Central Park or relax in one of the many whirlpools.


Rooms on the ship come in all shapes and sizes to ensure they fit what every family needs. Many staterooms have ocean views that let you see the sea right from your bed! There are even big family suites with more than one room so everyone has space.

The Ultimate Family Suite even has its own slide inside! Plus, each cabin is easy to find on the deck plan, making getting around the ship simple for both kids and parents alike.

Activities, rooms, and restaurants available

Symphony of the Seas is a playground at sea for families with kids. This Royal Caribbean cruise ship has fun things to do, cozy places to stay, and tasty food to eat.

  • Fun Things to Do:
  • Splash away in the water park with slides.
  • Ride the waves on the surf simulator.
  • Climb high on the rock climbing wall.
  • Enjoy live music and parades on the Royal Promenade.
  • Kids can join clubs and play in Adventure Ocean.
  • Families laugh together at ice skating shows.
  • See high-flying stunts at the AquaTheater.
  • Play mini-golf with ocean views.

Tasty Food to Eat:

  • The Main Dining Room has meals like steak and french toast.
  • El Loco Fresh serves quick Mexican bites like tacos.
  • Try hamburgers at Boardwalk Dog House.
  • Sugar Beach has sweets to make taste buds happy.
  • Get fancy sushi at Izumi Japanese restaurant.
  • Wonderland surprises you with magical dishes.

Pros and cons

Exploring the Symphony of the Seas is like embarking on an adventure filled with fun and luxury, but it’s wise to weigh the good against the not-so-good. Here’s a quick look at what families with kids might love or want to consider:

Wide range of activities suitable for all agesHigher ticket price compared to other Royal Caribbean ships
Luxurious and spacious accommodations with minimal swaySome cabins may be noisy or feel more motion
Central Park balcony rooms offer a balcony overlooking central parkWe prefer the ocean view balcony rooms. Looking across the park into another balcony room just isn’t the same.
Variety of entertainment options including live showsExtra costs for certain dining or premium activities
Positive reviews for the Mediterranean itineraryThe large capacity means you may encounter lines for popular attractions onboard

Cruise Fare Inclusions and Exclusions

When you book a trip on the Symphony of the Seas, it’s good to know what your ticket covers and what might cost extra. This part will give you smart tips for keeping more cash in your pocket while enjoying this floating paradise!

Included amenities

The Symphony of the Seas is full of fun things to do and yummy food to eat. Your cruise ticket pays for a lot of these great things.

  • Main Dining Rooms: You can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner here without paying extra. The menus are big, with many choices that change every day.
  • Windjammer Marketplace Buffet: A big buffet where you can pick from lots of different foods. It’s a casual place to eat anytime you’re hungry.
  • Park Cafe and El Loco Fresh: These spots offer quick snacks like salads and tacos that cost you nothing extra.
  • Pools and Water Slides: There’s no fee to splash around in the ship’s many pools or slide down the exciting water slides.
  • Kids’ Clubs: There are clubs for kids of different ages to play games and make new friends while parents relax.
  • Live Shows and Movies: Watch plays, listen to music, or watch movies outside the pool for free.
  • Sports Courts and Rock Climbing Walls: Play basketball or climb high up on the wall without paying anything more.
  • Fitness Center: Work out in the gym with machines and weights any time at no extra cost.

Optional costs

Going on a cruise with your family is exciting. But, it’s good to know you might have to pay for some extra things on Symphony of the Seas. Let’s look at what those could be:

  • Activities: You may want to try the escape room or decorate cupcakes, but these cost more.
  • Sushi Making: If learning how to make sushi sounds fun, there’s a class for that. Just remember it’s not free.
  • Arcade Games: Kids love arcades! Playing games here will add to your bill.
  • Drinks: Thirsty for soda or a cocktail? These drinks are not part of your cruise fare. There’s a drink package available, but it’s gotten much more expensive since our first cruise.
  • Room Service: Want food delivered to your room? You might need to pay extra for this comfort.


Here are a just few options from our last Caribbean cruise:

  • Snorkeling with rays in Coco Cay in the Bahamas
  • Have monkeys climbing all over you in Roatan
  • All-inclusive beach day in Mexico

Amazing Shows

The ship has excellent shows, like ice skating and diving. These are much better quality than what you’d find at an all-inclusive resort.

Tips for saving money

Saving money on a Royal Caribbean cruise can be easy with some smart planning. Families with kids can keep costs down and still have a great time at sea.

  • Choose interior cabins: These rooms cost less than ones with ocean views or balconies. Staying inside saves cash that you can spend on fun activities.
  • Skip shore excursions: Explore ports on your own instead of booking tours through the cruise line. This way, you control what you spend while on land.
  • Look for pre-cruise deals: Royal Caribbean often has discounted prices before sailing. Buy drink packages, dining options, and internet plans early to save.
  • Watch out for hidden costs: Things like gratuities and photos can add up. Know what’s extra so you don’t get surprised by your bill at the end.
  • Use promo codes: Keep an eye out for special codes that give you discounts on your booking. They pop up during promotional periods and can cut costs quite a bit.
  • Book at the right time: Purchase excursions and experiences when prices drop. The best deals are usually found before you start your cruise.


How does this ship compare to others by Royal Caribbean?

Symphony of the Seas is part of their Oasis-class ships, the biggest in the world. Oasis, Wonder, and Allure are all in the same class and have many features that smaller ships might not have.

How can I check where Symphony of the Seas is?

You can see its current position online using Vessel Finder.


Sailing on Symphony of the Seas is a real adventure for families with kids, and it’s been one of our favorites! This ship could be a perfect choice if you’re picking your next cruise!

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