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Who We Are

We’re Ashley & Shandi, Dad and Mom of 2 kids from East Tennessee. We’ve also lived in the U.S. and Australia. We’ve been traveling the world with our kids for 13 years.

We’ve been traveling with our kids since they were born. We make several international trips each year. We also take a few shorter trips around the United States. We’ve also spent decades working in travel. This includes running a small travel agency. It also includes working in aviation and for several airlines.

Ideal Vacation

Here’s our perfect vacation:

  • Somewhere we haven’t been before (though there are a few places we make exceptions for!)
  • Great scenery
  • The opportunity for the kids to experience something new and learn something in the process
  • Fun things to do in the area
  • A break from our current weather, escaping the summer heat or winter cold!

This makes a summer vacation to Switzerland or New Zealand (Winter in NZ) some of our favorite trips.

But don’t worry, not all our vacations are expensive or far away destinations. We’re just as happy camping or making a day or weekend trip to Gatlinburg.

Favorite Destination: Easy choice, the South Island of New Zealand

Second Favorites: Australia and Switzerland

Best Beaches: Turks & Caicos, Maldives

Snow Tubing Park City
Lauterbrunnen Waterfall. About Us: Favorite Destinations

Blog Goal

Our idea for this blog is to cover all forms of family travel, from budget ideas like the best camping destinations to luxury travel like overwater villas in The Maldives (we’ve done both, and still enjoy both!). We’ll also try to give comparisons to help you choose what to do. Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Nearly all of our posts are from places we’ve visited and spent a lot of time researching. We prefer researching and booking everything ourselves. We’d rather take a taxi from a cruise port to explore a destination. We don’t want to book an organized cruise excursion. But when we find them, we’ll provide links to highly-rated excursions and day trips!

A few of our favorite photos from places we’ve been

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