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Autoworld Brussels: Best Belgium Museums

Autoworld Brussels is the place to rev up your engines and buckle up for an exciting trip through the world of cars. It opened in 1986 and has become one of the most visited places in the city since then.

This was our son’s second favorite museum in Belgium after Train World. Both museums are inside and are great things to do on a rainy day in Brussels. Check out our review of Train World and our list of the best things for kids to do in Brussels.

Autoworld Brussels

Best Deal On Tickets

Brussels City Card

The Brussels City Card can also be a great option, as it includes multiple museums and attractions in Brussels for one price. For our recent visit, when we visited several museums in a day, buying the 24-hour pass was cheaper than buying museum tickets separately.

With the Brussels City Card, a visitor can access numerous museums, sights, and public transit in Brussels, Belgium. The card may be cost-effective if you want to use public transportation and visit several covered attractions. Click on the below picture to learn more about the City Card.

Single Day Tickets

Click here to buy AutoWorld tickets.

The ticket prices for Autoworld vary depending on the ticket type and the visitor’s age. Here is a general overview of the ticket prices:

  • Adult ticket: €12.50
  • Child ticket (ages 6-12): €8

Tickets can also be bought directly at the museum

Autoworld Brussels

What To See

First Floor (Level 0 in Europe) or Mezzanine Floor of Autoworld.

On the first floor of Autoworld, some several various automotive themes and displays show how cars have changed over time. The “Classic Cars” exhibit is one of the most exciting things on the first floor. It has many old and vintage cars from the early 20th century.

The “Belgium Cars” exhibit, which is on the first floor, is also very popular. It shows cars made by Belgian car companies. People will be able to see the famous “D’Ieteren” car, which was used at the beginning of the 20th century, as well as other models made in Belgium, such as “Minerva” and “FN.”

Second Floor

Autoworld Brussels

Many displays and exhibits show off modern and high-end cars on Autoworld’s second floor. The “Supercars” exhibit on the second floor is among the most exciting things. It has some of the most expensive and fast cars in the world like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti.

The “Electric Cars” exhibit on the second floor is also very popular. It has several electric and hybrid cars. People can see the newest models from well-known car companies like Tesla, BMW, and Porsche. Mahy Collection


Autoworld also has a section for motorbike exhibitions, where you learn about the history and development of motorcycles. Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Triumph are just some of the well-known companies that make motorcycles that are on display.

Autoworld Brussels

Interesting Vehicles

Autoworld Brussels

Autoworld has a lot of different cars and other vehicles, each with its own history and story. Here are some interesting facts about the past of some of the cars and other vehicles on display:

  • The “D’Ieteren” car in the Belgium Cars exhibit is one of the oldest still-working Belgian cars. The car was made in 1902, and it was a taxi in Brussels for many years.
  • One of the most successful racing cars ever is the “Bugatti Type 35,” displayed at the Classic Cars exhibit. Between 1924 and 1930, the car won more than 1,000 races.
  • One of the most luxurious cars from the 1930s is the “Mercedes-Benz 540K,” which is on display at the Classic Cars exhibit.
  • The “Harley-Davidson WLA” displayed in the Motorbike exhibit is a rare and valuable bike. During World War II, the US Army built and used the WLA.
  • One of the first supercars was the Lamborghini Miura, displayed at the Supercars exhibit. It was made in 1966 and was the first Lamborghini with a V12 engine.

History of AutoWorld

Autoworld Brussels

Autoworld has a long and exciting history. Here are some fun facts about the museum:

Since it opened in 1986, Autoworld has been a popular place for tourists to visit in Brussels. Two car fans, Mr. Mahy and Mr. de Hemptinne,, devised the idea for the museum.

More than 300 cars and other vehicles are in the museum’s collection. Some are old and classic, while others are new and expensive.

The Mahy Collection is a special show at Autoworld and a significant part of the Ghislain Mahy legacy, has a wide range of classic cars from the early 20th century. Mr. Mahy, who has been collecting various cars for over 50 years, started the collection and gave it his name.

Autoworld has been fixed up several times over the years to make the experience better for visitors. The last time it was updated up was in 2018 when the museum got a new restaurant and more interactive features.

Nearby attractions

Autoworld Brussels

AutoWorld is located in parc du cinquantenaire

Parc du Cinquantenaire, also known as Jubelpark, is a beautiful park in the heart of Brussels. The park is near the European Quarter and is known for its beautiful gardens, stunning architecture, and long history.

The park was built in 1880 to mark the 50th anniversary of the independence of the Kingdom of Belgium. The French architect Charles Girault was in charge of the project. The triumphal arch, a copy of the Arch of Titus in Rome, is one of the best things about the park.

The Cinquantenaire Museum is another popular place to visit in the park. It is housed in the palace that was built for its 50th anniversary. The museum has many different kinds of exhibits, such as art, archaeology, and ethnography.

Families can also have a great time at Cinquantenaire Park. The park has a playground and a big pond where people can rent paddle boats. The park also has many events, such as concerts, festivals, and markets, all year long.

The most famous museum in Brussels is the Royal Military Museum in Parc du Cinquantenaire.

At the museum, people can learn about the long history of the Belgian Armed Forces, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Many things are displayed at the museum, such as military equipment, weapons, uniforms, and artifacts from different times.

Getting to AutoWorld Brussels

Autoworld is located in the heart of Brussels, making it easy to get to from various locations in the city. Here are a few options for getting to Autoworld:

  • By public transportation: Autoworld is easily accessible by public transport. The closest metro station is Merode, just a few minutes from the museum. Visitors can also take bus lines 38, 44, or 365 and get off at the Merode stop.
  • By foot: Autoworld is located in the heart of Brussels, so it’s also possible to walk to the museum from various locations in the city.

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