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Snowmobiling Tours in Park City Utah with Kids 2023

Snowmobiling Tours In Park City, Utah With Kids

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Great fun
  • Amazing scenery
  • It’s cold – dress warm!

Snowmobiling Tours In Park City Utah With Kids

Park City, Utah, is known for being one of the best places in the world for snowmobiling. But what if you want to bring your kids along? It can be intimidating to take your kids on a thrilling snowmobiling tour, but don’t worry—it doesn’t have to be! Keep reading to learn more about snowmobiling tours in Park City, Utah, with kids.

We went snowmobiling in Park City, Utah with kids for Christmas. It was a great time and the best part of the trip!

Park City, located just east of Salt Lake City, is a great spot to get your kids into snowmobiling! With plenty of trails and activities, your family will have the perfect winter adventure. From beginner terrain for those just starting out, to steeper runs for daredevils in the making – Park City during the winter months offers it all! Whether you’re looking for a leisurely day on the slopes or an adrenaline rush from some of the most exciting winter sports around, Park City has everything you need.

Winter sports can be a great way for kids to get outside and explore their local area. Snowmobiling is one such activity that can give kids an adrenaline-pumping thrill while still being safe and controlled in the right environment, like on snowmobile tours. It’s one of the best ways for families to learn the basics of snowmobiling and try it out with tour guides over thousands of acres of mountain terrain, before moving on to the commitment full-day rentals.

Snowmobiling Tours In Park City, Utah With Kids

Again, snowmobiling tours in Park City, Utah with kids is a great way for kids to get out and enjoy all the winter sports Park City has to offer. An exciting adventure awaits them, with expert guides giving tours for all skill levels along some of the most challenging trails like those in the Wasatch Mountains or Uinta National Forest. Kids will be sure to have an unforgettable experience while exploring these unique winter wonders.

Benefits of Taking Kids Snowmobiling in Park City

Snowmobiling with kids is an awesome way to introduce them to the amazing thrill of winter sports. They’ll get to experience the rush of zooming over powdery snow, while taking in the majestic views that nature offers in winter. Safety is essential when snowmobiling, so ensuring your kids wear helmets and other protective gear is paramount before venturing out. Once that’s done, it’s all about having fun!

Snowmobiling is a great way to get kids outdoors and exploring nature while also providing them with the safety and control of being guided by an adult. It’s an amazing opportunity to allow kids to observe the beauty of their surroundings while having fun and building their confidence in the process. From scenic mountainscapes to frozen lakes, snowmobiling encourages children to appreciate and connect with nature, creating lifelong memories along the way!

Popular Destinations for Snowmobiling with Kids in Park City

Park City snowmobiling is one of the best ways to explore the Park City area! Kids will love exploring this winter wonderland, as Park City is an ideal destination for snowmobiling adventures with the whole family. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, everyone in the family can get in on the action!

After reading reviews of different snowmobile companies we booked with Park City Peaks (formally Thousand Peaks), located about 40 minutes east of the Park City area.

Park City Peaks snowmobile trips offers miles of groomed trails over fifty thousand acres, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The elevation reaches 11,000 ft above sea level. We were looking for somewhere with great scenery and the 5 star reviews of Park City Peaks made it a good option.

We booked directly through the Park City Peaks website about a week before, and most of the days and times were booked up already for Christmas week.

Other highly recommended options of the snowmobile tour companies are Red Pine Adventures and Summit Meadows Adventures

For rentals without tour guides, there are several companies that offer Park City snowmobile rentals.

Park City Peaks

Snowmobiling Park City Peaks
At the top. Park City ski runs are visible from the overlook in the distant mountain range

Park City Peaks offers some of the best equipment and newer snowmobiles, and there are several different tours for the snowmobile trails. We did the shortest one which was 2 hours, and it turned out to be the best option, as it was plenty long enough for the kids.

We went at 9 AM as that was the only available time. If you have the chance at a later time, the roads driving there may be in better condition from the snow melting.

The total for 2 snowmobiles and 4 people was around $550 after tax. After booking you get an email with some waivers to fill out to save time when you get there.

It’s about a 40-minute drive from Park City to the Park City Peaks snowmobiling base camp, with the last half on back roads. There was snow the night before and it was about 15 degrees out when we drove there. While the roads weren’t too slippery, they were covered in snow the last half of the drive and that will add some time, especially if you’re not used to driving in the snow.

The Google Maps directions will take you to the location of the red dot. Just before you get there, the road ends and the private property starts. You continue past the Google Maps point along the driveway then turn left down a hill (marked by the red line). There was plenty of snow but it was well-packed and our 2WD rental car did OK.

Snowmobiling Park City Peaks

They ask you to arrive 45 minutes prior to your time to give you enough time to get ready. If you’ve already filled out the waivers and have warm ski gear already that is probably more than you need. All we needed to do was find a helmet that fit and head outside.

Snowmobiling Tours In Park City, Utah With Kids

Safety demo

As you can see from the picture there are a lot of snowmobiles here and there were several groups of about 8 snowmobiles leaving at the same time. We met our guide outside and went over the controls. A good part of our group hadn’t ridden snowmobiles before and they are easy enough to figure out, especially if you’ve ridden any other off-road vehicle.

There are a couple of miles of flat trails to get used to the snowmobile, then an open field to get going with some high speed. We were running a bit behind so we skipped the field and went up the trail that goes up the mountain.

It took a little over an hour to get to the turnaround point up in the mountains at around 11,000 feet elevation. There is a small cabin there with some porta potties, and we took a break to warm back up and check out the spectacular views.

Snowmobiling Park City Peaks

At the higher points you are around 10,000 ft elevation, and you may notice the difference when you’re walking around if you’ve just arrived from somewhere at sea level elevation.

From there it was only about 30 minutes back to the start, and you get the chance to pick up some speed on the straight sections near the end.

Tips and safety precautions for making the Most of a Snowmobile Trip with Kids in Park City

Kids love the excitement of snowmobiling, but it’s important that steps are taken to make sure they’re safe. For starters, kids should always wear the appropriate gear when out on a snowmobile – that means helmets, goggles and gloves. It may take some convincing to get them to dress properly for their ride, but it’s worth it in order to keep them protected!

Whenever you’re getting ready to go out snowmobiling with the kids, it’s important to make sure they’re properly dressed and equipped. Here are some tips that were helpful.

  • Dress warm! We were almost too hot doing other outdoor activities in the same temperatures. But once you start moving on the snowmobile you’ll need all the warmth you can get. The windshield doesn’t block much of the wind. The helmets don’t have a face shield so bring a balaclava-type ski mask or helmet liner.
  • Under helmet balaclava masks
  • Sunglasses or ski goggles. We didn’t have ski goggles and just used sunglasses, which worked OK but fogged up with the balaclava.
  • Hand and foot warmers
    • Thin foot warmers from any outdoor store/Amazon to stick to your socks
    • Hand warmers to go inside the kid’s gloves. The drivers will have heated hand grips from the snowmobile that work great but the kids appreciated the hand warmers.
  • Like riding any other off road vehicle, when on the side of a hill, shift your weight to keep it from tipping over. Two snowmobiles in our group ended up tipping over onto the riders after they went sideways across a hill trying to get back onto the trail while letting another group pass. But no one got hurt or damaged any snowmobiles, and if you’re on a trail you will be fine.
  • If you’re snowmobiling with kids, the most important thing to keep in mind is safety. Make sure your children always wear helmets when they go out snowmobiling – it definitely won’t hurt to make them wear other safety gear too! No amount of fun is worth risking their well-being, so make sure all safety precautions are taken before they hit the trails.


Snowmobiling in Park City, Utah with kids at Park City peaks was a great time! We would definitely do it again. If you’ve never snowmobiled before it’s a lot of fun and easy enough to do. For more Park City ideas check out the following

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