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Winter Snow Tubing Park City Utah with Kids at Woodward

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Woodward Park City tubing park / Gorgoza Park is the perfect place for the whole family to have some fun in the snow! Woodward is one of the best options for snow tubing in the Park City area, a short drive from Salt Lake City. Kids can enjoy tubing down the snow tubing hill with their friends and family in a safe environment.

Featuring 7 lanes and 1200 feet of tubing lanes, including the longest tubing lanes in Utah, Woodward Park City also offers terrain parks, half-pipes, and jumps for those who want to take their winter activities to the next level. The park has a variety of runs, from beginner to expert, so everyone can find something that suits their skill level. With its inner tube tubing, terrain parks, and jumps, Woodward Park City is a great way for the entire family to have some winter fun.

We went snow tubing Christmas Day with our kids at Woodward in Park City, Utah as part of our trip to Park City, Utah for Christmas.

Another great option is the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center

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Booking & price

Snow Tubing Woodward Park City

We snow tubed at Woodward Park City on Christmas Day 2020, booking the tickets a couple days before. Ticket sales Bookable in 2 hour tubing sessions. You get a barcode to scan when you arrive to pickup the tickets.

The total for 2 adults and 2 children was around $220 for a 2 hour session, which we thought was a bit too high.

Snow tubing


Snow Tubing Woodward Park City
Short lanes on left, long on right

Snow tubing is an exciting winter activity that is perfect for all years of age. Younger kids will love the short lanes designed with a gentle slope, which are perfect for beginners. Older kids will enjoy the faster lanes, which provide a thrilling ride. To get to the top of the hill, riders are transported up a magic carpet ride conveyor belt while dragging your tube behind you.

The tubes are pretty heavy so if your kids are are younger they may have trouble leaning on the conveyor belt while holding onto the tube.

Our 6 year old didn’t like pulling his tube to the top and we ended up stacking his on top of one of ours. We saw a few tubes falling off or getting stuck in the fence next to it. We also saw some smaller kids sitting in the the tubes while their parents towed them up.

The belt drops you off halfway up at the top of the lanes on the left in this picture. If you want to continue to the longer faster lanes on the right you get on a second belt which had a long line.



Snow Tubing Woodward Park City

The ride down

The short lanes are fast enough and our kids (6 & 10) had plenty of fun on them, but the longer lanes were a lot faster, maybe too fast for younger kids.


Hold onto the ropes from the other tubes in your family for a fun family ride!

There didn’t seem to be too many restrictions on how to ride, people were running and jumping onto the tubes, and you are able to connect a bunch of tubes together to go down as a family or get more speed.

Room for improvement


The lift line for the longer lanes were so long that we only did it once. The shorter lanes were pretty much no wait time while we were there, even on a busy day. In total for 2 hours we rode the shorter lane about 10 times and the longer lane once.


Something that could be improved is the customer service we observed during our visit. When it got busy an employee appeared at the base of the main conveyor to separate people getting on the conveyor, but instead of talking he would just hold a stick in between people in the same family and separate them. When they tried to catch up to their family he would yell “no walking!”. This continued most of the 2 hours.


It was a warmer day, around 40 degrees and it seemed to affect the track. At the start we were going past the end of the track well into the run off area, but by the end we’re barely making it up the last hill.

Snow tubing conclusion

We had a great time tubing, and it was a great activity for kids Along with snowmobiling it was one of the kids favorite parts of the trip. However, for the price we probably wouldn’t return for more snow tubing with kids at Woodward in Park City, Utah unless the lines for the faster lanes were improved.

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