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Lake Zurich Swimming: Best Swim Areas 2023

Lake Zurich Swimming: Dive into a Liquid Adventure

Lake Zurich and the surrounding aquatic attractions are just the tickets for a splashy summer. Lake Zurich Swimming is a way to beat the heat. So grab your swimming gear and explore the best swimming spots in and around Lake Zurich.

An Overview of the Lake Zurich Swimming Experience

Lake Zurich Swimming

Lake Zurich is the focal point of Zurich, one of the most picturesque European cities. It’s not just a body of water; it’s an open space for people of all years of age to enjoy a summer holiday. From public baths to outdoor pools, from serene sandy beaches to bustling volleyball courts, Lake Zurich is a popular meeting place that offers something for everyone.

Best Swimming Areas for Kids on Lake Zurich

With its serene waters and beautiful surroundings, Lake Zurich is an idyllic spot for a family outing. Look no further if you’re wondering where to take your little ones for a splash. Here’s a rundown of Lake Zurich’s best swimming areas for kids.

Strandbad Mythenquai

Strandbad Mythenquai, with its sprawling large grassy area and sandy beach, is perfect for the little ones. The shallow water near the shore makes it safe for smaller kids, while the playground keeps them entertained out of the water.

Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen

Tucked away in the middle of a park, Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen is another kid-friendly spot. The bath has a dedicated indoor pool for children, making it a reliable choice even on cooler days.

Water Parks

For a day packed with fun and giggles, a water park like Water World around Lake Zurich are just the ticket. With separate pools for different age groups, water slides, and other fun-filled water features, these parks promise a day of non-stop entertainment.

Other Top Swiming Areas on Lake Zurich

Seebad Enge

Seebad Enge is one of the top spots. Nestled on the right shore of Lake Zurich, this bathing area is not just for swimming; it’s a hub for yoga and wellness aficionados. Offering massage treatments and fantastic Alps views, it’s a haven for peace seekers.

Lake Zurich Marathon Swim

If you’re up for a challenge, why not try the Lake Zurich Marathon Swim? You’d be hard-pressed to find a more thrilling way to experience Lake Zurich. Remember, this is only for good swimmers – it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Outdoor Pools and Swimming Pools

The region is blessed with various outdoor and swimming pools, including the indoor pool for those who prefer a roof over their heads. Check out the Strandbad Mythenquai and Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen, with their above-ground pools, perfect for those who prefer to chill and wade instead of swim.

River Limmat

Fancy a swim in a river? Head to the River Limmat, where you can jump in at Oberer Letten. You can even float down the river and enjoy the views of the old town from a new perspective.

Sandy Beach and Public Baths

If you’re more of a beach bum, you’ll love the sandy beach at the large park by the lakeshore. The public baths are ideal for meeting new friends and fellow water lovers. Don’t forget to visit the large grassy area for a post-swim picnic.

Lake Zurich Residents and Visitors

For both the village of Lake Zurich residents and visitors, these swimming spots provide more than a respite from the summer heat. They are places to connect, unwind, and experience the true spirit of Zurich’s summer.

Entrance Fees and Swiss Francs

Remember that some of these swimming spots may charge an entrance fee, usually a nominal amount in Swiss Francs. It’s a small price to pay for the joy of swimming in these breathtaking locations.

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A Closer Look at Some Favorite Places

Now, let’s dive deeper (pun intended!) into some of the best swimming spots around Lake Zurich.

Strandbad Mythenquai

Strandbad Mythenquai is a beach resort with a twist. With its large grassy areadiving platforms, and playground for the whole family, it’s not just a swimming area but a total summer experience.

Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen

For a more tranquil experience, Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen is the spot. Set in the middle of a park, it offers quiet relaxing spots, an indoor pool for those who fancy a dip without the sun, and a short walk to the lake’s edge.

Rimini Bar

Rimini Bar is a hit among young people, and for good reason. Located on the River Limmat, this bar is an art nouveau-inspired public bath during the day and a trendy bar at night.

Oberer Letten

This swimming spot on the River Limmat is a firm favorite among locals. With diving platforms, free entry, and an onsite bar, Oberer Letten offers a unique swimming experience that combines leisure and fun in the city’s heart.

Many swimming spots around Lake Zurich offer games like outdoor table tennis and beach volleyball to add an extra layer of fun. If that doesn’t float your boat, just lounge on the grassy areas or sand with a good book.


Now, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about swimming in Lake Zurich.

  1. What is the Lake Zurich Marathon Swim?The Lake Zurich Marathon Swim is a yearly event where participants swim across Lake Zurich. It’s a demanding yet rewarding experience recommended for good swimmers.
  2. What is Seebad Enge? Seebad Enge is a public bath located on the right shore of Lake Zurich. It’s popular among wellness aficionados for its massage treatments and yoga classes.
  3. What are Strandbad Mythenquai and Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen?Both are public baths with outdoor pools. Strandbad Mythenquai is a family-friendly location with a large grassy area and a playground, while Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen is set in a quiet park and features an indoor pool.
  4. What are some popular meeting places for young people? Rimini Bar and Oberer Letten are popular among young people. Both offer swimming in the River Limmat and have on-site bars.
  5. Are there any entrance fees for these swimming spots? Some spots may charge a nominal entrance fee in Swiss Francs. However, many places, like Oberer Letten, offer free entry.


Whether you’re a family on vacation, or a local resident, Lake Zurich’s swimming spots offer a delightful way to enjoy the summer. So, pack your sunscreen, grab your swim gear, and head out to these watery paradises for a summer you won’t forget. Remember, it’s not just about swimming; it’s about connecting, unwinding, and making memories. Dive in, the water’s fine

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