Halloween Haunted House

Haunted Houses In Nashville: Best Halloween Attractions 2023

Haunted Houses In Nashville

A Creepy Abandoned Victorian Mansion With Overgrown Vines, Surrounded By A Bustling Cityscape, Featuring A Diverse Group Of People.

Are you looking to spook yourself this Halloween seasonNashville, Tennessee, boasts some of the most riveting haunted houses in the nation. This blog offers insider tips on must-visit fright sites, from the wailing walls of historic buildings to the scream-inducing realities of renowned haunted attractions.

Delve deeper if you dare.

Key Takeaways

  • Nashville has many scary spots, like Nashville Nightmare and Slaughterhouse.
  • Other scary places are Devil’s Dungeon, Haunted Hell Nashville, and Beast House.
  • You can also see the spooky Bell Witch Cave and Union Station Hotel.
  • The Tennessee State Prison and Two Rivers Mansion are full of ghost stories, too!

Top Haunted Houses in Nashville

A Spooky Haunted House With Various People And A Busy Atmosphere, Captured In A High-Quality Photo.

When you’re looking for a spine-chilling adventure in Music City, these are the top haunted houses you shouldn’t miss: Nashville’s Nightmare offers terrifying thrills; Slaughterhouse brings your worst fears to life; Devil’s Dungeon will make your heart race with its spooky setup; Haunted Hell Nashville sends shivers down your spine with each chilling encounter and Beast House takes on haunted tales amidst its eerie ambiance.

Nashville Nightmare

A Group Of Terrified Friends Run Through A Dark Maze In A Horror-Themed Photography Scene.

Nashville Nightmare is a big hit in town. This haunted house has up to six different scares. People from Nashville and all over come for fun during the Halloween season. It ranks as one of the nation’s top 5 scariest haunted houses! It is not just any old haunted house; it thrills with sights like Night Terrors and Horror High.

Every visit promises an exciting mix of fear and fun!


An Eerie Abandoned Slaughterhouse With Blood-Stained Walls, Dark Corridors, And A Bustling Atmosphere Captured In A Photograph.

Slaughterhouse stands as the oldest haunted house in Nashville. Kids and adults alike find fun scaring people here for 34 years! It lies on the east side of Nashville, in Hermitage, Tennessee.

Visiting Slaughterhouse offers an exciting self-guided tour through five theaters of a spooky old building. This old Courtyard Theater had been empty for 13 years before becoming the best-haunted place! Not just any typical haunt, Slaughterhouse gives you chills with its classic scare style.

Many consider it one of the scary haunted houses around town – quite an impressive feat among other great haunts like Beast House or Haunted Hell.

Devil’s Dungeon

A Photo Of The Eerie Entrance Of Devil'S Dungeon At Night With A Diverse Crowd, Capturing A Bustling Atmosphere.Devil’s Dungeon lies in downtown Nashville. It scares you with more than 50 scenes of terror. On your own, you go on a tour that many say is the most scary in all of Tennessee. People love how real and heart-stopping it feels to be there.

This place will give you chills!

Haunted Hell Nashville

A Photo Of A Terrified Person Running Through A Haunted Hallway With Various Faces, Hairstyles, And Outfits.Haunted Hell Nashville is a scary spot you must see. This site sits at Devil’s Dungeon Haunted House. It’s one of the oldest and most loved scary houses in town. You can find 35 live actors in this place, which covers 22,000 square feet.

The house uses special effects to make things scarier. People know it for making you feel like you’re part of a scary story!

Beast House

An Eerie Abandoned Mansion In The Woods With People Showcasing Various Styles And Outfits.

Beast House sits near Madison and Goodlettsville. It is not far from Downtown Nashville. This haunted house makes its mark in the original Isaac Kechem Mansion. Beast House has two scary haunted houses for you to see.

There’s also a “free-fall” ride that will make your heart race! But there is even more fun at Beast House than just those things. They give a dare called the “beast challenge.” If someone takes it on, they have to finish three gross tasks! People all over know about this place because of their famous Money Back Haunt offer.

Other Haunted Locations in Nashville

A Photo Of The Entrance To Bell Witch Cave, Surrounded By Dense Forest, Featuring A Variety Of People With Different Styles And Outfits.

Venture beyond traditional haunted houses and dare to visit Nashville’s other spooky spots, like the eerie Bell Witch Cave. Try not to shiver as you enter Union Station Hotel, notorious for its paranormal sightings.

Brave through the deserted halls of Tennessee State Prison, known for constant ghostly occurrences. Don’t miss out on Two Rivers Mansion – a gem among haunted locations that is as hauntingly beautiful as it’s bone-chilling.

Bell Witch Cave

A Photo Of The Creepy Bell Witch Cave Featuring A Diverse Group Of People In Varied Outfits And Hairstyles.

The Bell Witch Cave scares many people. It is deeply linked to the Bell family’s ghost story from the 19th century. Many call it America’s top ghost tale. Folks say this cave is one of Nashville’s most haunted spots!

Union Station Hotel

A Photo Of A Eerie Hallway With A Ghostly Figure Lurking In The Shadows, Featuring People Of Different Ethnicities And Styles.Union Station Hotel in downtown Nashville is a scary spot. It is seen as one of the best-haunted hotels in America. People say a ghost named Abigail stays in Room 711 all the time.

This hotel has many other ghosts, too. It even made it to the Top 25 Most Haunted Historic Hotels list! At night, they offer a tour called “Haunted Happenings.” On this tour, you can learn about their ghosts and see cool photos and videos.

Tennessee State Prison

A Photo Of A Dark And Eerie Corridor In Tennessee State Prison Capturing Its Haunting Atmosphere.

The Tennessee State Prison, often named “The Wall” or “Old Red Top,” is a must-see in Nashville. With its scary past and known ghostly actions, it ranks as one of Tennessee’s scariest spots.

People speak about seeing spooky things at this prison where they once used an electric chair. Don’t miss out on the full horror experience when you visit Nashville’s most haunted locations!

Two Rivers Mansion

The Photo Shows The Eerie Two Rivers Mansion Surrounded By Misty Woods, With A Variety Of People In Different Outfits And Hairstyles.Two Rivers Mansion stands tall in Nashville. The old house finds its spot on the National Register of Historic PlacesSpooky stories often surround it. Some say spirits from the past roam its halls.

The McGavock family owned this mansion at 3130 McGavock Pike until 1965. Now, it welcomes people who dare to explore its spooky roots.

Recommendations and Customer Reviews

A Diverse Group Of Friends Having Fun And Screaming On A Roller Coaster At Adventure Park Photography.

Delve into authentic testimonials, uncover customers’ chilling experiences, and discover which haunted attractions make hearts race the fastest. Don’t miss out on these spine-tingling tales – keep reading if you dare!

What customers are saying

A Spooky Haunted House With Diverse Characters, Captured In High-Quality And Realistic Detail, Featured In Various Publications.

Customers love Nashville’s haunted houses. They think Nashville Nightmare is the best in the area. Many say they had a great time there. Folks also give 5-star reviews to 13th Floor Haunted House Phoenix.

Handy Harry’s Haunted House Service gets high praise, too. Customers like playing games set in a haunted house while doing electrical work. Some even rave about “How to Sell a Haunted House.”

They call this book tense and fun, full of spooky story parts.

Must-visit attractions and activities

A Spooky Haunted House In Nashville That Is A Must-Visit Attraction For Its Eerie Atmosphere And Photorealistic Quality.

You don’t want to miss out on these must-visit attractions and activities:

  1. A visit to the Nashville Nightmare Haunted Houses. There are up to six haunted houses there.
  2. Join us for a fun and spooky hayride. It is one of the top 10 best-haunted activities in Nashville.
  3. Take a scary trip down different trails that are said to be haunted.
  4. Spend some time at Devil’s Dungeon, one of the well-known haunted houses.
  5. Visit Beast House Haunted House, another favorite spot for thrill-seekers.
  6. Don’t forget about The Exorcist! Nashville Nightmare has re-imagined this cinematic classic as a haunted attraction.
  7. Explore the most terrifying spots in town. Nashville is home to some truly eerie places!

Testimonials from previous visitors

A Spooky Haunted House At Night With Ghostly Shapes And Eerie Sounds, Featuring Various People With Different Appearances.

People loved visiting Nashville Nightmare. They called it the best-haunted house in the area. Many said they saw ghostly shapes and heard odd sounds at some spots. One TripAdvisor review listed Nashville Nightmare as a must-visit place for thrill-seekers.

The same spot got good marks in 2017 for its life-like props and sets that gave a full night of fun and scares to people who came there. McKamey Manor also had fans – some even said it was America’s scariest haunted house!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

An Eerie Abandoned Haunted House Surrounded By Misty Trees And Moonlight, With Different Individuals Showcasing Varied Styles And Expressions.

These haunted houses in Nashville bring a chill to your spine. Each place has its own scary story. But they also give you great fun and an exciting time! So, are you ready for some real frights this Halloween season? If so, also check out haunted houses in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and haunted hotels in Gatlinburg!


1. What are the best haunted houses in Nashville?

The best-haunted houses in the Nashville area include Devil’s Dungeon, Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods, Miller’s Thrillers, and Dead Land Scream Park.

2. What can you do at Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods?

Creepy Hollow offers a spooky outdoor attraction on Friday and Saturday nights. You can venture through different scenes at the haunted forest or try out the zombie paintball hayride while enjoying fresh concessions.

3. Do all haunted houses open only in October?

Most attractions open from late September till Halloween night, with special events on Sunday nights. Still, some, like Ghost Tours, are open year-round, offering insights into real-life ghost stories of middle Tennessee.

4. Are there any lurid legends tied to these spots?

Yes! Places like John Bell’s new home and Pegram County Cemetery have tales of paranormal activity sparking urban legends surrounding sightings of Civil War soldiers or young woman specters.

5. Can older kids enjoy these places as well?

Definitely! For instance, at the Dead Land Scream Park, younger ones can explore carnival games and mini escape games while thrill teens will love separate attractions like bloody acres full of live zombies under strobe lights!

6. Is any unique experience offered by each site?

Haunted barns amidst rural areas such as Spring Hill,’ Bar Nightmare’ located downtown Davidson Street for city dwellers focusing more towards the adult crowd. Meanwhile, Madison Square’s haunt reflects iconic elements drawn from the fictitious show – Green Mile; this indicates every venue has something distinct to offer, making it both a fun and chilling encounter this month of October!

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