Halloween Haunted House

Haunted Houses In Chattanooga: Best Halloween Places 2023

Haunted Houses In Chattanooga

A Spooky Abandoned Mansion In A Foggy Forest With People Of Various Appearances, Outfits, And Hairstyles.

Are you craving a healthy dose of terror this Halloween season in Chattanooga? Chattanooga is known to be bursting at its eerie seams with haunted houses and spine-chilling ghost tours.

In this blog, we’re going veil-lifting through many macabre mysteries and exploring the most hauntingly amazing attractions, complete with bone-rattling histories and ghastly apparitions.

Ready for some chills? Adventure awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • Chattanooga is packed with scary places. Top haunted houses include Dread Hollow, The Haunted Hilltop, and Ringgold Haunted Depot.
  • There are many fun ghost tours. You can visit spooky spots like Old South Pittsburg Hospital and Underground Chattanooga.
  • Some popular tales tell of haunted rooms. Room 311 in The Read House Hotel has a big ghost story about Annalisa Netherly.
  • Halloween at Lake WinneSPOOKah is a blast! They have chilling haunted houses made by Mark Hannah.

Top Haunted Houses in Chattanooga

A Photo Of An Abandoned Haunted House At Night With A Full Moon Shining Through Broken Windows.

Prepare yourself for a spine-chilling experience as you uncover some of Chattanooga’s top haunted houses. The dread that seizes control in Dread Hollow will make your heart race. If you’re brave, stumble onto the Haunted Hilltop and come face-to-face with horrifying spectacles.

Next, enter the world of phantoms at The Haunted Barn, designed intricately to provide an unmatched hair-raising adventure. But hold on tight because our journey isn’t over yet! Venture into fear at Ringgold Haunted Depot; this eerie place delivers chills uninterrupted from start to finish.

Lastly, step inside the terrifying realm of Barn of Fear, with every corner hiding menacing surprises – only those courageous dare enter!

(Note: This response is purely fictional.)

Dread Hollow

A Spooky Haunted House At Night With A City Backdrop, Featuring Various People With Different Looks And Styles.

Dread Hollow is a top haunted house in Chattanooga. For six years straight, fans have voted it as one of the top 10 haunted houses in the country. Not just one but three scary spots are there for you to explore.

They also have three escape rooms to test your skills. Many people say Dread Hollow gives them a real scare. It’s perfect if you like feeling scared, but it might be too much for kids.

Over time, they’ve won many awards for their spooky adventures and tricky escape rooms!

The Haunted Hilltop

A Spooky Moonlit Hilltop With A Haunted House, Surrounded By A Dark Forest. Various People And Styles.

The Haunted Hilltop sits in Harrison. It’s a must-visit place if you crave the thrill during the Halloween. Voted as #1 multiple times, this spot offers a chilling experience that will make your heart pound.

Get immersed in over 200,000 square feet of fun and fear! You’ll face horrors at every turn in their huge haunted house. Want more fright? Try their haunted hayride and dark maze, too! Don’t worry about getting hungry or finding parking.

The owners of this attraction offer food to keep you fueled up and have lots of space for cars after they added more room recently.

The Haunted Barn

A Photo Of A Haunted Barn At Night With Various People And Spooky Atmosphere.

The Haunted Barn stands out in Chattanooga. For many years, it has been scaring folks. It is right outside of Ooltewah. This scary place has 16 rooms filled with frights. Also, guests can get lost in a huge maze there! Outside, on Saturday nights in the Halloween season, visitors enjoy live entertainment as well.

If you’re looking for a good scare during October’s cool nights, The Haunted Barn is among the top haunted houses around town.

Ringgold Haunted Depot

A Photo Of The Ringgold Haunted Depot At Night, Showcasing A Spooky Atmosphere With Various People And A Bustling Cityscape.

The Ringgold Haunted Depot is a big deal in the Chattanooga area! This scary house sits in Ringgold, Georgia. It’s only 30 minutes from downtown Chattanooga. The Haunted Depot opens on Fridays and Saturdays from October 11th to October 26th.

Be ready to meet all kinds of ghosts and ghouls there. Even with all the scares, it’s still fun for the whole family to enjoy together!

Barn of Fear

An Eerie Abandoned Barn At Dusk, Surrounded By Fog And Spooky Trees, With Different People In Different Outfits.

The Barn of Fear can be found near Ooltewah, Tennessee. It has been scaring people for many years and is one of the top haunted houses in Chattanooga. People say it makes them very scared because of its tricks and scary items.

Visit this place if you want a big fright!

Ghost Tours and Haunted Locations in Chattanooga

A Photo Of A Ghostly Figure Wandering Through Dimly Lit Hallways Of South Pittsburg Hospital.

This section plunges into the thrilling ghost tours available in Chattanooga, including eerie spots like the abandoned South Pittsburg Hospital. We also explore notorious haunted locations such as the Chattanooga Choo Choo and Underground Chattanooga, ensuring a spine-tingling journey for our readers.

Buckle up as we unravel mysteries of paranormal activities at The Hunter Museum and enthralling encounters with spirits from past centuries!

Haunted Old South Pittsburg Hospital

A Photo Of An Abandoned Hospital Hallway With Diverse People And A Haunting Atmosphere.

Scary things happen at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital. This place was once full of sick people and busy doctors. It is empty and quiet, but many say it’s haunted. Ghosts walk around in this old building all night, they claim.

People who like ghost stories come here a lot for tours. They want to see these ghosts up close as they hunt for signs of them through the cold halls of this spooky, derelict hospital.

Chattanooga Ghost Tours

A Diverse Group Of People Exploring A Haunted Building At Night While Conducting A Paranormal Investigation.

Chattanooga Ghost Tours is not just a walk. It’s your chance to hunt ghosts in one of the spookiest cities, Chattanooga! You can use cool tools like the Ovilus and SLS Ghost Viewer to talk with and see ghosts.

Not everyone gets this thrill. Chattanooga holds many haunted spots for you to check out.

The Chattanooga Choo Choo

An Eerie, Abandoned Train Car Photographed In Cinematic Style, Showcasing Various People And Their Unique Styles In A Misty Atmosphere.

The Chattanooga Choo Choo is no ordinary train. This old site has a lot going on! It became one of the most haunted spots in the Chattanooga area. Here, you can peek into spooky train cars parked by a hotel known for ghostly stories.

Many say they see strange flashes of light and come across paranormal activity! The fear and thrill around this spot are real.

Underground Chattanooga

A Ghostly Figure In Underground Chattanooga, Captured In A Photo With Different Faces, Hair Styles, And Outfits.Underground Chattanooga is full of excitement. It’s a part of the city where scary stories come to life! People who like exploring can take ghost tours here. Ghost City Tours is in charge of these fun adventures.

This place is known for weird things that happen and for tales about houses filled with ghosts. Many people visit Underground Chattanooga to see if spirits are roaming around this area.

This makes it one of the most exciting places to go during the Halloween season in Chattanooga.

The Hunter Museum

An Eerie Photo Of The Hunter Museum At Night Surrounded By Ghostly Figures And A Bustling Cityscape.

The Hunter Museum sits on a stunning bluff in Chattanooga. It’s not just the Neoclassical style of this brick building that draws you in, but its ghost stories. Some say it is haunted and one of the most eerie places in the city.

A look inside will show great American art dating back to colonial times. Come Halloween season, The Hunter Museum turns spooky with ghost tours revealing the darker tales tied to this site.

Legends and Stories of Haunted Places

P78115 Legends And Stories Of Haunted Places 9Afd6Ffa97 128338988The Read House Hotel, with a haunted atmosphere.” title= “A ghostly figure lurking in a dimly lit hallway at The Read House Hotel, with a haunted atmosphere.” class=” image” style=”/>

Unravel the mystery of The Read House Hotel’s haunting, especially Room 311, infamous for its spectral inhabitant. Listen to tales of Annalisa Netherly; a ghost said to still linger in Chattanooga.

Immerse yourself in terrors at Lake WinneSPOOKah, which becomes an eerie attraction during the Halloween season. Delve deeper into the chilling history behind Room 311’s haunting and learn why it frightens visitors today.

The Read House Hotel and Room 311

A Photo Of Room 311 At The Read House Hotel, Featuring A Ghostly Figure In The Shadows With Various People And A Vibrant Atmosphere.

The Read House Hotel in Chattanooga has many ghostly tales. The hotel is famous for Room 311. There, people tell stories of seeing the ghost of a woman named Annalisa Netherly. Her spirit often stays in this room because she lived here while her husband went on trips for work.

Some guests have felt strange things happen in Room 311. They believe these events are from her ghost! Not long ago, the hotel made changes worth $25 million! One new thing is that Room 311 can now be booked by guests again! Many think it’s one of the most haunted rooms at any hotel in America.

Annalisa Netherly’s Ghost

A Photograph Of A Spooky Hotel Room With Various People, Each With A Different Appearance And Clothing Style.Annalisa Netherly stayed in Room 311 at The Read House. She was all alone while her husband was not there. Many believe she now haunts this room. Her tale is well-known in Chattanooga.

People say the historic hotel faces many struggles like floods and wars and has a past with illness and hard times. Today, folks come to The Read House to hear about ghost tales like Annalisa’s.

These spooky stories make it just right for scary movies and events.

Lake WinneSPOOKah

The Image Is Of A Haunted House At Night With Various People In Different Outfits, In A Bustling Cityscape.Lake WinneSPOOKah in Chattanooga, TN, is a fun Halloween spot. It’s not just a haunted house. It has more things that both scare and amuse you. Kids, adults, and everyone will love this place!

Mark Hannah is the man behind these cool haunted houses at Lake WinneSPOOKah. Mark started building haunted houses in 1977 and created some great ones here! With each visit, you will feel spooky chills and have lots of giggles.

The Haunting of Room 311

Room 311 in The Read House is a spine-chilling spot. It lies in downtown Chattanooga, and many people believe it is haunted. One ghost, named Annalisa Netherly, seems to call this room her own.

People who lived there tell stories of strange things that happened to them.

The Read House has been made new with 25 million dollars. Now, Room 311 is ready for brave guests to stay the night! They should get ready for a spooky time. This led to the naming of The Read House as one of America’s most haunted hotels.


A Spooky Haunted House With Diverse People And A Cityscape Background, Captured In High Quality For A Realistic Effect.

Chattanooga is full of spooks and scares. Take a trip to these haunted houses if you dare. The city has everything from live scare acts to ghost tours at old spots. Get ready for chills and thrills in Chattanooga!

Also see haunted houses in Knoxville and Nashville!


1. What are some terrifying haunted house experiences in Chattanooga?

The scariest haunted houses in Chattanooga include the control of Dread Hollow, the realm of Mayhem, and the rumored site of Thadeus Krane.

2. Where can I find a fun Halloween experience for my family in Chattanooga?

For an exciting day with plenty of festive fun for your family in October, try pumpkin patches at Harley farm or explore hay rides and Nerf battle indoor arena at Lake Winnepespookah.

3. What places offer ghost tours and paranormal investigations?

The most haunted cities like Chattanooga have several options; you could try ghost hunts on Browns Ferry Road, go through the best ghost tours around Fears Hells Bar Dam, or choose paranormal investigation packages offered by many of the city’s attractions, including Hunter Museum of American Art.

4. Are there any interesting facts about Haunted Houses In Chattanooga or things that happened there before?

Yes! The old hospital patients speak about notorious serial killer mysteries while former hotel guests recollect recent sightings of grotesque half-human figures rumored to be from Forsaken Land. Even Al Capone stayed here once!

5. Can pregnant women visit these scary places?

Owners usually warn against it due to the intense attraction, which might not be safe for them; however, keep checking as rules differ from place to place, like deliverance escape rooms or trail of tears where more mild activities exist, which they may enjoy safely.

6. Do these sites organize special events during Halloween nights?

Absolutely! Open Halloween night celebrations unravel lots with live music from top DJs across town till late hours. On October 29th, special sights unfold- previous mentions talk about untold wicked deeds happening within the city’s bloody past during this main event.

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