Best Day Trips From Park City Utah: 2023 Guide

Day Trips From Park City Utah

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Planning a trip to Park City, Utah? We’ve got the best day trips from Park City Utah for 2023. Nestled high in the Wasatch Mountains, Park City is renowned for its ski slopes and a great base to explore other scenic sights.

We spent a week in Park City and found plenty of things to do besides skiing. Our blog post will guide you through some of the best day trips from Park City, ranging from tranquil lakes to adventure-packed amusement parks.

Key Takeaways

  • Park City, Utah, offers a variety of day trip options for families, including nearby towns like Heber City and Midway, which are just a short drive away.
  • Nature lovers can visit Mirror Lake for swimming and picnicking or explore the stunning Uinta Wilderness near Kamas for hiking and wildlife viewing.
  • For more adventurous day trips, families can visit the Bonneville Salt Flats for a unique lunar-like experience or enjoy thrilling zip-lining at the Sundance Zip Tour.
  • Other recommended day trips include visiting Antelope Island State Park to see free-range wildlife or exploring Ogden’s downtown area with its shops, museums, and skiing opportunities.

Day Trips From Park City Utah

Discover the nearby towns of Heber City and Midway, just a short 30-minute drive from Park City.

Heber City/Midway (30 minutes away)

Heber City and Midway are close to Park City. You can drive there in just 30 minutes. It feels like a winter wonderland with snow, hills, and cool air. You get to see hot-air balloons in the sky! For fun on land, you can try horseback riding or biking too.

And if speed is your thing, go downhill skiing or ride a snowmobile! Now that’s what we call an ideal day out with family!

Mirror Lake (one hour away)

A Serene Sunset Over Mirror Lake With Vibrant Reflections, Featuring A Diverse Group Of People And Natural Surroundings.

Mirror Lake is a fun place for a day trip from Park City. It is about one hour away by car. The drive there is part of the joy. You take the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, with great views and neat things to see.

Family trips to Mirror Lake are always fun! Kids love the clear water and big fish swimming around in it. Adults enjoy it, too, for its calmness and beauty. This lake is perfect for cooling off on hot summer days or picnicking by shore.

If you love nature, you will love spending time here!

Bonneville Salt Flats (two hours away)

A Car Races Across The Bonneville Salt Flats, Surrounded By A Diverse Group Of People, Capturing A Vibrant And Energetic Atmosphere.

The Bonneville Salt Flats are a sight to see. Just two hours from Park City, Utah, the trip is worth it. You will feel like you’re on the moon! It’s 30,000 acres of hard, white salt crust.

This place used to be the great Lake Bonneville long ago. The kids might even think they’ve landed on another planet! There’s nothing like this in North America.

Uinta Wilderness/Kamas (30 minutes away)

A Diverse Group Of People Enjoying A Lush Meadow And Stream In Uinta Wilderness, Captured In High-Resolution.

Just a 30-minute from Park City, Kamas is the gateway to the stunning Uinta Mountain Range. This hidden gem of Utah offers something for everyone in the family. You can explore numerous hiking trails that vary in difficulty and length, allowing you to choose one that suits your family’s skill levels.

The scenic byways in the Uintas provide breathtaking views of lakes, streams, and wildlife, making it a perfect place for nature lovers. So if you’re looking for an easy day trip full of outdoor adventure and beautiful scenery, Kamas and the Uinta Wilderness are worth a visit!

Wildlife Viewing at Antelope Island State Park (two hours away)

A Photograph Of Bison Grazing On Antelope Island, Showcasing Different Faces, Hair Styles, And Outfits In A Bustling Atmosphere.

Antelope Island State Park, located just two hours from Park City, Utah, is a fantastic destination for family travelers who love wildlife. Here, you can see free-ranging bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorn (antelope), and many other desert animals up close.

If you’re a bird lover, you’re in for a treat – millions of birds gather on the island, making it an incredible spot for birdwatching. In addition to observing wildlife, visitors can enjoy activities like hiking and playing at the beach.

Don’t forget to visit the historic Fielding Garr Ranch and take in the breathtaking views of the Great Salt Lake and its surrounding landscapes.

Sundance zip tour (45 minutes away)

The Sundance Zip Tour is a thrilling adventure located just 45 minutes away from Park City, Utah. It’s perfect for families who want to experience the beauty of the mountains uniquely.

You’ll zip through the air and enjoy panoramic views of the stunning landscapes. The tour guides are experts at ensuring your safety throughout the entire experience. This highly recommended attraction offers an unforgettable way to see Utah’s mountains and create lasting memories with your family.

Sundance Mountain Resort (45 minutes away)

A Diverse Group Of Hikers Enjoying A Beautiful Mountain Trail Surrounded By Colorful Wildflowers And Stunning Scenery.

Sundance Mountain Resort is a fantastic day trip option for families visiting Park City. Located just 45 minutes south of Park City, this resort offers a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Nature lovers will appreciate the stunning mountain peaks and surrounding area, which provide a perfect place for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Sundance is also a great spot for skiing and other winter sports if you’re visiting during the winter months.

The resort has cozy accommodations if you want to stay overnight or relax in their hot tub after a day of outdoor fun. Overall, Sundance Mountain Resort is an easy day trip from Park City that offers beautiful views and plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Where to Stay in Park City

A Diverse Group Of Friends Enjoying A Cozy Evening By The Fireplace In A Luxurious Ski Lodge.

There are several great options for accommodations in Park City, including the luxurious Norfolk Chateau, the convenient Main Street Park City, and the stunning Azure Vista at Sky Strada.

Read on to find out more about these fantastic places to stay!

Waldorf Astoria Park City

We spent five nights at the Waldorf Astoria, and loved the location and amenities! Although the price can be steep during peak ski season, deals can be found during the off-season. Check out our review here.

Waldorf Astoria Park City

Chateau Deer Valley

Stay in luxury and comfort at Chateau Deer Valley, a perfect place for your family trip in Park City. This beautiful accommodation offers spacious rooms with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Located near downtown Park City, you can easily access art galleries, coffee shops, and special events. With its convenient location and great amenities, Norfolk Chateau provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your weekend getaway.

Main Street Park City

A Vibrant Night Scene Showcasing Main Street Park City With Diverse People, Storefronts, And A Bustling Atmosphere.

Main Street in Park City is a must-visit spot for families traveling to the area. It’s a charming street with many things to see and do. You can explore the city’s heart by strolling along Main Street.

There are many restaurants, hotels, and shops where you can grab a bite to eat or find unique souvenirs. Don’t forget to check out the art galleries too! One cool thing about Main Street is that it’s home to the Park City Museum, which tells the story of the town’s mining history.

And if you’re lucky, you might even stumble upon hidden works by Banksy, a famous street artist. So include Main Street in your family trip itinerary for fun and exploration!

Azure Vista at Sky Strada

Aerial View Of Azure Vista At Sky Strada In Park City, Utah, Featuring Different People In Various Outfits And Hairstyles.

Azure Vista at Sky Strada is a great place to stay for family travelers visiting Park City, Utah. It  offers easy access to dining, shopping, and apres options.

If you’re into skiing or snowboarding, you’ll love that this apartment is just 80 yards away from the ski access at Park City Mountain Resort. Being in the center of Park City means you’ll be close to everything – only 109 meters from the city center! So whether you’re exploring downtown or hitting the slopes, Azure Vista at Sky Strada is a convenient and comfortable for your family getaway.

The check-in time is 4:00 PM, so you can get settled in and enjoy all Park City offers.

Additional Day Trip Ideas

A Diverse Family Having A Picnic In A Beautiful Park Surrounded By Nature, Captured In High-Quality Photography.

– Ogden: Explore the vibrant downtown, visit museums like Union Station, and enjoy outdoor activities in nearby Weber Canyon.

– Diamond Fork Hot Springs: Take a refreshing soak in natural hot springs surrounded by beautiful scenery.

– Guardsman’s Pass (Seasonal): Drive this scenic route for stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains and access to hiking trails.

– Olympic Trio Tour: Visit Utah Olympic Park, Alf Engen Ski Museum, and the 2002 Winter Olympics site for an immersive sports experience.

– City Creek Center: Shop, dine and relax at this upscale open-air mall in downtown Salt Lake City.

– Thanksgiving Point: Discover gardens, museums, farm animals, and interactive exhibits at this family-friendly attraction in Lehi.

– Wendover: Try your luck at casinos or explore the historic Bonneville Salt Flats on this unique day trip across the Nevada border.

-Lagoon Amusement Park: Enjoy thrilling rides and water slides at Utah’s largest amusement park located near


A Picturesque Alpine Lake With Mountains In The Background, Featuring A Diverse Group Of People And Their Unique Styles.

Ogden is a great place to visit if you’re staying in Park City. It’s just a short drive away and has lots of fun things to do for families. You can explore the historic downtown area with charming shops and restaurants.

Ogden also has museums where you can learn interesting things about art and history. If you visit during winter, ski areas are nearby to enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

And if you have kids, they’ll love the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden!

Diamond Fork Hot Springs

A Photo Of Diamond Fork Hot Springs With A Waterfall In The Background, Showcasing Diverse Individuals Enjoying Nature.Diamond Fork Hot Springs, Fifth Water Hot Springs, is a great day trip option for families visiting Park City. Located near Provo, Utah, the hot springs offer a range of temperatures, from hot to cold, depending on where you choose to soak.

You must trek through Diamond Fork Canyon to reach the hot springs. It’s about a 30-minute drive from Provo.

Once you arrive at Diamond Fork Hot Springs, you’ll be rewarded with soothing warm waters and a breathtaking waterfall. The hike to the hot springs is considered moderate in difficulty and takes around 2-3 hours round-trip.

Guardsman’s Pass (Seasonal)

Guardsman’s Pass is a scenic drive that is only open during the summer months. It stretches for about 7 miles and takes you up to 9,717 feet. This Pass offers breathtaking views of the alpine landscape, with lush forests and sparkling ponds, lakes, creeks, and rivers.

It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers and families who enjoy exploring the great outdoors. The Pass is famous for its colorful wildflowers in the summer and stunning fall foliage in autumn.

So if you’re visiting Park City during these seasons, Guardsman’s Pass is worth checking out!

Olympic Trio Tour

The Olympic Trio Tour is a special guided tour of the Utah Olympic Park in Park City. It’s a great way for families to learn about the achievements and history of the Olympics. During the tour, you’ll ride on a bus to get up close to all the Olympic venues and facilities.

It’s an exciting opportunity to see where athletes worldwide competed and made history. The guided tour provides unique insights into the park’s history and legacy. We highly recommend taking this tour to fully experience and learn about the Olympic Park in Park City, Utah.

City Creek Center

City Creek Center is a great place to visit during your family trip to Park City, Utah. It is located in Salt Lake City and offers over 100 shops and restaurants to explore. This center’s retractable roof makes it unique, allowing for year-round shopping no matter the weather.

It’s not just your typical mall experience – City Creek Center is part of a downtown redevelopment project that adds to its charm. So whether you’re looking to shop or grab a bite to eat, check out City Creek Center on your vacation.

Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point is a great place for families to visit during their trip to Park City. It’s located in Lehi, Utah, not too far away from Park City. This destination offers many fun activities and attractions perfect for the whole family.

One of the highlights is the dinosaur museum, where you can see life-sized dinosaur replicas and learn all about these ancient creatures. There’s also a working farm where kids can interact with animals and learn about farming.

Another must-visit is the Ashton Gardens, which features beautiful gardens and sculptures perfect for a stroll. And if you’re looking for something hands-on, check out the Museum of Natural Curiosity, where kids can explore interactive exhibits and embark on educational adventures.


Wendover is a great day trip option from Park City, Utah. It’s the gateway to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats and offers downtown activities and rural recreation. Wendover is a popular destination for travelers, especially families, looking for excitement and fun.

If you plan an overnight stay, West Wendover in Nevada has plush casino resorts, buffets, steakhouses, and gaming options. So whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures or indoor entertainment, Wendover has something for everyone to enjoy on their family trip.

Lagoon Amusement Park

Lagoon Amusement Park is a fun and exciting place to visit with your family. Located in Farmington, Utah, it has been around for over 100 years! The park offers various rides and attractions, including ten roller coasters that are sure to thrill kids and adults.

And if you’re looking to cool off, Lagoon also has a water park called Lagoon a Beach, complete with slides, waterfalls, and a lazy river. It’s the largest theme park in the area and is worth a visit during your trip to Park City, Utah.

Young Living Farm

The Young Living Farm is a great place to visit for family travelers. You can take guided tours of the farm and distillery, where they grow botanicals for essential oil production and research.

Many activities include wagon and paddle boat ridesrock wall climbing, and a petting zoo. Don’t miss the Test Garden, where you can learn about different plants and their uses.

And be sure to stop by the distillery to see how essential oils are made. The farm is located in Mona, Utah, just a short drive from Park City. So make sure to include it on your list of day trip ideas!


Huntsville is a great place to visit on your day trip from Park City. This city offers many outdoor activities for families, like mountain biking, fly fishing, and hiking during the summer months.

You can also enjoy outdoor concerts, summer theater shows, and other cultural events in Huntsville. If you’re interested in science and technology, this city is known as an impressive hub for those fields.

And don’t forget to explore the arts and culture scene here too! Huntsville has some surprising destinations that will surely capture your family’s interest.

How to Get Around

Getting around Park City and exploring the surrounding areas is easy with various transportation options. Whether you prefer to drive or use public transportation, there are convenient ways to make the most of your day trips.

Keep reading to learn more about getting around and discovering what Park City offers!

Day trips by car

When staying in Park City, Utah, exploring the surrounding area on day trips by car is a great idea for family travelers. With easy access to various attractions and destinations, you can enjoy scenic drives and explore nearby towns within a short distance from Park City.

Whether visiting Heber City/Midway just 30 minutes away or driving to Mirror Lake, Bonneville Salt Flats, or Uinta Wilderness/Kamas within a couple of hours, there are plenty of options for enjoyable day trips.

These car rides will take you through picturesque landscapes and allow you to experience outdoor activities like hiking, wildlife viewing, or even zip-lining at Sundance Mountain Resort.

Public transportation options

Getting around Park City, Utah, is easy and convenient, especially if you prefer not to drive. Here are some public transportation options that you can consider during your family trip:

  • Park City offers a free transit system that operates within the city limits. You can hop on the bus and explore various attractions, restaurants, and shopping areas without worrying about parking.
  • The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides comprehensive transit services in the area. They offer bus routes that connect Park City with other cities and towns in Utah, including Salt Lake City.
  • If you plan to visit ski resorts, some include UTA Ski Bus passes in their season pass pricing. This means you can easily catch a bus from Park City to the slopes and enjoy a day of skiing or snowboarding.
  • For those outside of Park City, park-and-ride locations are available for free public transportation or resort access. These locations are connected to resort base areas and provide convenient options for getting around.


A Stunning Photo Of An Elk In A Mountain Meadow, Showcasing Various Hairstyles, Outfits, And Facial Expressions.

In conclusion, Park City, Utah, offers many exciting day trips for family travelers. From exploring the stunning Mirror Lake to witnessing the unique beauty of Bonneville Salt Flats, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventures and memorable experiences.

Whether you’re into hiking, wildlife viewing, or simply enjoying breathtaking mountain vistas, Park City is the perfect base for your next family getaway. So pack your bags and prepare to create lasting memories in this picturesque destination!

FAQs: Explore the Beauty and Adventure of Park City, Utah

What are some popular day trips from Park City, Utah?

Popular day trips from Park City, Utah, offer something for everyone. You can enjoy nature in the Big Cottonwood Canyon or find the best things to do in places like exploring Wasatch Mountain State Park. You can experience cross-country skiing in winter, while Goblin Valley State Park offers unique rock formations. Outdoor recreation is abundant in this area, from Bridal Veil Falls to Crystal Hot Springs. You can even find picnic areas in the national parks to enjoy the best views.

Links to recommended destinations:

How far are these day trip destinations from Park City, Utah?

Most popular day trip destinations are within reach. There’s always something to explore, from 30-minute drives to the beautiful Deer Valley Resort to a 2-hour trip to Brigham City. You can plan weekend trips or take a road trip to see the great things in the Park City area and the third-largest city in the United States.

Are there any outdoor activities available during these day trips?

Absolutely! Outdoor recreation is available all year round. Swaner Preserve and Bear Lake offer great opportunities for hiking and biking in the warmer monthsWhite Pine Touring provides guided adventures, while summer camps in the small-town regions offer activities for children. Many options exist, from the Provo River to the historic Heber Valley Railroad.

Can I make a day trip to Yellowstone National Park from Park City, Utah?

Yes, but it’s a little bit of a journey. While a great option, a day trip to Yellowstone National Park is a 5-6 hours drive one way from Park City. It’s best to plan an overnight stay, possibly in the town of Kamas, to fully enjoy the park.

Additional Information

  • Coffee Shops: Need a coffee shop? Try the High West Distillery.
  • Art and Culture: Don’t miss the Kimball Art Center and Sundance Film Festival.
  • Transportation: Salt Lake City International Airport is open year-round.
  • Biking: Enjoy a bike ride on a paved road for great day trips.
  • Theatre: The Egyptian Theatre is a must-visit in Park City.

You’ve come to the right place for adventure and exploration by visiting Park City, Utah. Whether you want to explore the mountains of Park City, enjoy a family picnic, or experience the excitement of the city, these destinations have something unique to offer. Enjoy your trip!

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