Cabo San Lucas Beach In March

Cabo San Lucas In March

Are you considering a trip to Cabo San Lucas in March and wondering if it’s the right time? Known for its warm weather with an average temperature of 77°F (25°C), this Mexican city is a joy to explore this month.

This article will guide you through the exquisite weather conditions, thrilling activitiesexciting events specific to March in Cabo, and insider tips for your visit.

cabo san lucas Overview
Cabo San Lucas Mexico Sunset From A Restaurant

Cabo can lucas overview

Top Thing To Do: Swim Excursion With Dolphin Interaction

Where To Stay: Grand Velas Los Cabos is the top choice, though it comes at a cost! Another one of our favorites is Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos (we’ve stayed at several resorts from the Ziva brand)

How To Get There: Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) is your entry point to the stunning beaches. Check flight prices on Google Flights to find the best deal. While rental cars are available, shuttle services and taxis are plentiful, and rental cars are generally unnecessary when staying at a large resort.

Key Takeaways

  • Cabo San Lucas weather offers sunny days in March with little to no rain.
  • In March, you can watch whales, play golf, or dive into the sea.
  • The Art Walk, food festival, and St. Patrick’s Day party are big events.
  • Stay safe under the sun and drink lots of water during your trip.

Weather in Cabo San Lucas in March

Weather In Cabo San Lucas In March 93905108Sea of Cortez with palm trees and clear skies, captured in high resolution and vivid colors.” title=”A vibrant sunset over the Sea of Cortez with palm trees and clear skies, captured in high resolution and vivid colors.” class=”image” />

Regarding weather, March in Cabo San Lucas offers sun-drenched days with an average temperature that hovers around a comfortable 76°F. Despite being one of the driest months, visitors rarely encounter rainfall; instead, they enjoy clear skies and moderate humidity levels.

The Sea of Cortez graces its guests with warm water temperatures in March – perfect timing for indulging in several water activities at this southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

Average temperature

A Tranquil Hammock Suspended Between Palm Trees Surrounded By Clear Blue Waters, Capturing The Beauty Of Nature.

In March, Cabo San Lucas has lovely weather. The day starts cool with lows around 62°F. It soon warms up to a pleasant high of 81°F in the mid-afternoon. Every day, temperatures rise quickly but rarely beyond 87°F.

Night time cools down slightly to around 64°F by the end of March. So, your days are full of warm sun and mild nights!


In March, rain is scarce in Cabo San Lucas. The city averages only 0.1 inches or 1mm of monthly rainfall! That’s incredibly little rain. So you can plan those outdoor activities without worrying about getting wet.

On most days, the chance of rain is zero. Of all the sunny days that March offers, expect just around zero rainy days! Even on rare occasions when it does shower, it will barely be a drop – only 0.03 inches or 0-7mm at best.

Humidity levels

A Close-Up Photo Of A Water Droplet On A Tropical Leaf With Various Faces, Hairstyles, And Clothing Styles.

The humidity in Cabo San Lucas during March is low. The average relative humidity sits at 62%. This level is one of the lowest for the year! Summer months usually have higher levels of humidity.

But, in March, dry air floats around, making you feel great outside.

Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas in March

Best Things to Do in Las Cabos

Here are some of the top-rated family-friendly activities in Las Cabos

Cabo: 2-Hour Whale Watching Boat Ride with Free Pictures

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Description: Embark on a thrilling whale-watching adventure in Cabo. Cruise the waters on a comfortable boat, guided by expert naturalists who will help you spot these magnificent creatures. Capture the moment with free pictures provided by the crew.
  • Ideal For: Nature enthusiasts, families, and photographers.

Cabo San Lucas: Swim Excursion with Dolphin Interaction

  • Duration: Varies
  • Description: Experience the joy of swimming with dolphins in Cabo San Lucas. Engage in interactive activities, learn about these intelligent mammals from marine specialists, and create unforgettable memories.
  • Ideal For: Animal lovers, families, and those looking for a unique experience.

Cabo San Lucas: 4-Hour Private Catamaran up to 12 People

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Description: Enjoy a private catamaran cruise tailored to your preferences. Sail along the stunning coastline, snorkel in crystal clear waters, or relax on board with refreshments and snacks. The choice is yours!
  • Ideal For: Groups, families, and couples seeking a personalized sailing experience.

Cabo San Lucas: Mexican Cooking Class

  • Duration: Varies
  • Description: Dive into the rich culinary traditions of Mexico with a hands-on cooking class in Cabo San Lucas. Learn to prepare authentic dishes, discover local ingredients, and enjoy the fruits of your labor in a festive atmosphere.
  • Ideal For: Food enthusiasts, aspiring chefs, and those looking to immerse themselves in Mexican culture.
A Vibrant And Colorful Underwater Seascape With Coral And Tropical Fish, Captured With Professional Equipment.

Indulge in whale watching as humpback and gray whales dwell in the Sea of Cortez. Dive into crystal clear waters for snorkeling or explore underwater beauty while diving. Take time to tee off at world-renowned golf courses under the March sun.

Unwind by strolling around the vibrant marina, brimming with stunning yachts and outdoor eateries. Get adventurous with a spin on water sports like jet skiing or parasailing for those thrill-seekers!

Whale watching

A Wildlife Photograph Featuring A Breaching Whale In The Open Ocean With A Bustling Atmosphere And Crystal Clear Detail.

Whale watching is a big deal in Cabo San Lucas. In March, it’s one of the best things to do. Humpback whales and gray whales come here at this time. They leave their Arctic home for Mexico’s warm waters.

You have a 90-95% chance to see these huge creatures here! The sight of an adult humpback whale moving through the ocean water will stay with you forever.

Snorkeling and diving

A Vibrant And Diverse Coral Reef Filled With Marine Life, Captured In Stunning Detail.

Going underwater is a fun thing to do in Cabo San Lucas in March. The warm weather and calm water make it great for all.

  • You can see so much when you snorkel or dive.
  • Beginners stay close to the coast in Cabo Pulmo.
  • More skilled divers like to go to Gordo Banks or Tornado Jack.
  • Some people go snorkeling boat tours to reach Land’s End.
  • You must be sure your body feels good underwater before diving deep.
  • The beauty of the ocean is great, and so many sea animals are there for you to see!
  • People always have a good time when they dive here. It makes their trip better.
  • Diving is one of the best things people can do when they come for a visit. They love it!


A Vibrant Golf Course With A Stunning Ocean View And Bustling Atmosphere, Captured In Crystal Clear Detail.Golfing in Cabo San Lucas is like playing in paradise. You will get to see the ocean from world-class golf courses. El Dorado Golf Course and Cabo San Lucas Country Club are two top places golfers play most often.

Jack Nicklaus, a famous golfer, designed El Dorado himself! These golf spots are some of the best places to play in the region because of the beauty and challenge they offer golfers.

Exploring the Marina

A Colorful Sailboat Sails In A Bustling Marina At Sunset, With A Well-Lit And Lively Atmosphere.

The Marina in Cabo San Lucas is a hub of fun and activity. It’s right at the city’s heart, always bubbling with life. Exciting fishing trips start here. Many visitors love to jog or walk by the water.

Join tours provided by Cabo Expeditions for cool adventures like helmet diving and parasailing! There are shops where you can buy things made by local crafters for quiet times.

You can see rock music shows or catch big fish from this point, too! So much fun waits for everyone at the marina.

Events and Festivals in Cabo San Lucas in March

A Stunning Photo Of A Fireworks Display Illuminating The Cityscape, Capturing The Vibrant Atmosphere.

Unleash your artistic side at the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk every Thursday evening in March. Indulge your palate with the local and international flavors of Taste of Cabo Food and Wine Festival, a culinary delight for foodies.

If green is more your color, you’ll revel in some great St. Patrick’s Day celebrations across various bars and restaurants.

San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

Colorful Art Installations Displayed Along A Vibrant Street During San Jose Del Cabo Art Walk.

The San Jose del Cabo Art Walk lights up the town every Thursday night. From 5 pm to 9 pm, you can join in on this special event. It runs from November until June. The art walk takes over and makes the town come alive.

You won’t want to miss it! This highlight lets you see San José del Cabo’s best art. You can check out cool galleries at your own pace during these hours. Not only that, but you also get a chance to meet some artists too! Enjoy diving into their stories and culture at this one-of-a-kind event.

Taste of Cabo Food and Wine Festival

An Exquisite Table Setting With Delectable Cuisine And Fine Wine, Captured In Crystal Clear 8K Uhd Resolution.

The Taste of Cabo Food and Wine Festival is a key event in March. This festival lets you try food from different parts of Mexico. You will find top-notch food and wine here. It brings fun to your visit to Cabo San Lucas during this month.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

A Vibrant Close-Up Of A Glass Of Green Beer Surrounded By Festive St Patrick'S Day Decorations And Partygoers.St. Patrick’s Day is a big day in Cabo San Lucas. People love this fun day on March 17th. Many bars play a part in the event. One spot, The Road House, serves corned beef and cabbage to enjoy.

The mood is lively as people honor Irish history and culture with great joy.

Accommodations and Getting There

Cabo San Lucas is home to world-class resorts, boutique hotels, and vacation rentals. August’s low season means you’ll likely find the best discounts and deals on accommodations.

To reach Cabo San Lucas, you’ll fly into Los Cabos International Airport (SJD), located in San Jose del Cabo, about 30 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas. From there, you can rent a car, take a shuttle, or hire a private driver to reach your destination. Check out Google Flights, the best way to find deals on flights. Google Flights will automatically suggest other airports or dates to find the best deal.

Best Family Resorts in Cabo

Here are some of the best highly-rated family resorts in Cabo San Lucas:

Grand Velas Los Cabos

This luxurious all-inclusive resort offers spacious suites, excellent dining options, and a world-class spa. With a dedicated kids’ club, a teens’ club, and various family-friendly activities, it’s a top choice for families.

Click here to check availability and prices

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Another fantastic all-inclusive option, the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, features multiple swimming pools, a water park, and a variety of dining options. The resort also offers a kids’ club and a range of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Click here to check availability and prices

Paradisus Los Cabos

Set on a beautiful beach, this all-inclusive resort boasts multiple restaurants, swimming pools, and a kids’ zone with a mini water park. With various activities for all ages, Paradisus Los Cabos ensures a fun and memorable vacation for the entire family.

Click here to check availability and prices

Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort

With a stunning beachfront location, this resort offers a range of family-friendly amenities, including a kids’ club, infinity pools, and various on-site dining options. The resort also features a golf course and a spa for parents.

Click here to check availability and prices

Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa

This all-inclusive resort offers spacious suites, multiple dining venues, and a variety of activities for kids and adults. It’s an excellent choice for families seeking a fun and relaxing vacation with a kids’ club, a teens’ club, and a mini water park. Click here for more of our other top Dreams brand resorts for families.

Click here to check availability and prices

Here are some other options for finding the best deal on a resort or VRBO in Cabo:

Tips for Visiting Cabo San Lucas in March

A Captivating Sunset Over A Deserted Beach With Crashing Waves, Showcasing Vibrant Colors And A Serene Atmosphere.

When packing for your March trip to Cabo, don’t forget sunscreen and lightweight clothing suitable for warm weather. Always stay hydrated, especially during outdoor activities or beach time.

Plan and make reservations early to avoid disappointment, as this is a popular period with spring breakers. Be prepared for some crowds during the peak of spring break season in mid-March; consider planning quieter activities then if crowds aren’t your thing.

Practice sun safety by avoiding overexposure during the hottest parts of the day and using plenty of sunscreen.

Pack appropriate clothing and sunscreen.

A Vibrant Tropical Beach With Palm Trees And Clear Blue Water, Showcasing Various Hairstyles, Outfits, And A Bustling Atmosphere.

Sun rays in Cabo San Lucas can be powerful in March. Always use sunscreen to keep your skin safe from harm. It is smarter to choose a type that doesn’t hurt the coral reefs with bad stuff.

Wearing a hat can also give you some shade and keep the sun off.

Light clothes are great for this time of the year: pack shorts, T-shirts, and pretty sundresses for daytime wear. Evenings may get cool, so bring a light sweater or jacket too. You will stay comfy all day!

Make reservations in advance.

The Photo Is A Well-Lit Restaurant Table Set With Elegant Plates, Glasses, And Cutlery.

March brings many people to Cabo San Lucas. This is a busy time for the city. Because of this, you must book tables at popular restaurants early on. Also, get your flight and hotel rooms lined up well before your visit.

Book your ride from the airport ahead, too. Doing these steps saves you from last-minute stress and lets you enjoy more of your trip!

Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water during your trip to Cabo San Lucas in March. Clean drinking water is a must for you to stay healthy and energetic. Try not to wait until you are thirsty; drink little by little all day.

A big bottle of Gatorade can also help keep hydration levels high. This way, sickness won’t ruin your fun at the beach or other outdoor activities!

Be aware of spring break crowds.

Spring break pulls in a lot of folk to Cabo San Lucas. The sunny beaches are often full of folks seeking fun and sun. It can get pretty packed! This is when students, families, and kids come for a restful holiday.

The way we keep safe gets stronger during this busy time. Booking tables at on-point food places becomes tough without a heads-up plan. So, try not to go off-track from your plans for the day and do them ahead of time to skip over any fuss that crowds may cause.

Practice sun safety

Sun safety is key in Cabo San Lucas. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s hot rays. It would be best if you put it on repeatedly throughout the day. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water too!

Also, wear the right clothes. Hats, rash guards, and sunglasses can keep out harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Even a short 15-minute stay in the sun calls for these measures! Get that beach fun, but do all you can to stay safe under Cabo’s brilliant sunshine–your future self will thank you later!


A Vibrant Sunset Over The Iconic Arch Of Cabo San Lucas Captured In Stunning Detail And Clarity.

So, Cabo San Lucas in March offers great fun and pure joy! You get to be part of a lively city with bright sunny daysless rain, and tons of cool stuff to do, from exciting whale watching to savoring delicious food at the Taste of Cabo festival.

It’s simply an ideal time for a perfect vacation!


1. How is the weather in Cabo San Lucas in March?

Expect mild temperatures and less rainfall during March. The daily high temperatures make it a good month for outdoor activities, while the dry season conditions ensure fewer disruptions from rain.

2. Is it a good time to visit Los Cabos during March?

Absolutely! Lower prices and fewer crowds compared to the high season make March one of the best months to visit Los Cabos.

3. What can I do in Cabo San Lucas during my visit in March?

Get ready for an adventure! The options are plentiful, from blue marlin fishing to horseback riding on Lover’s Beach and Costa Azul. Don’t miss the chance to see whale sharks near La Paz, a spectacle usually witnessed during this month.

4. Can I swim at Lovers’ Beach or East Cape due to the Pacific Ocean’s temperature?

No worries here! The average sea temperature is warm, even in the early mornings, so swimming any time is a go!

5. Will there be any fun things like tournaments held there?

Yes, March often hosts fishing tournaments targeting species like Blue Marlin. It’s a thrilling month for anyone keen on marine activities.

6. What about rain – does it get wet too much that might affect my plans?

Unlikely! The wettest months occur later in the year, particularly during the late summer and into the northern hemisphere’s winter months. March is usually dry.

Extra Information:

  • Sun and Clouds: March boasts many hours of sunshine with minimal cloud cover, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.
  • Sea Life: Sea turtles are another marine wonder for this month.
  • Deals: With lower prices, March is a great month to snag some great deals, especially compared to the higher prices of the high season.
  • Wind and Waves: Average wind speed is moderate, and no tropical storms ensure a safer and more enjoyable trip.
  • Last Year vs. This Year: Last year’s weather forecast indicated great weather, and this year seems to follow the same trend.
  • Todo Santos: A day trip to Todos Santos is worth considering for a different flavor of Baja California.
  • Best Time for Discounts: Best discounts are usually found during the shoulder season, which March is a part of.
  • Cruise Ships: While not the most popular time for cruise ship arrivals, you still might spot a few, especially on the Pacific side of the peninsula.

March delivers in terms of weather and activities, making it a great place and a perfect time for your next vacation adventure.

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