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Aquariums in Columbus Ohio: Where to Visit 2023

Aquariums in Columbus Ohio: Dive into a World of Adventure

Aquariums in Columbus Ohio: In this blog post, we will explore the best places to encounter marine life, participate in interactive experiences, and learn about global conservation efforts. Keep reading to discover how you can immerse yourself in a world of aquatic wonders in the heart of the United States.

Aquariums in Columbus Ohio: Columbus Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is not just your ordinary zoo! It offers a variety of exhibits, including a breathtaking Polar Frontier where you can marvel at polar bears up close. The zoo also boasts a lush Tropical Forest, a fascinating Heart of Africa exhibit, and plenty of baby animals that will melt your heart. Bring the whole family for a fun-filled day at this popular attraction.

Dive into the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Take a trip up north to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, where you can experience the wonders of the underwater world in a stunning, immersive environment. Touch tanks let you get up close and personal with sea stars and horseshoe crabs, while the giant Pacific octopus and green sea turtle captivate visitors of all ages. Don’t miss their new exhibits featuring exotic animals from South America and coral reefs that showcase the beauty of aquatic life.

Newport Aquarium: A Must-Visit Destination

A short drive from Columbus will take you to the Newport Aquarium in neighboring Kentucky. This exceptional facility offers various interactive exhibits, including a shark touch tank and penguin encounters. Discover the Great Lakes and other landlocked states’ aquatic species, and learn about the state of Ohio’s role in global conservation efforts.

Toledo Zoo: More Than Just a Zoo

Another fantastic option for a family-friendly day trip is the Toledo Zoo. This zoo features a world-class aquarium showcasing freshwater fish and saltwater species. With various fish species and an impressive fish tank display, it’s a must-visit for any aquarium enthusiast.

Local Fish Stores and More

Columbus and the surrounding areas also offer many local fish stores where you can find exotic fish and supplies for your home aquarium. Whether you’re looking for a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater setup, these stores have everything you need.

Conservation and Ethics

While the Association of Zoos (AZA) accredits many of these institutions, it’s essential to be aware of some questionable business practices and improper spending that have occurred in the past. The former Chief Financial Officer, Greg Bell, faced allegations of improper spending, leading to the zoo’s temporary loss of AZA accreditation. Fortunately, the zoo has since regained its accreditation and continues to adhere to the highest standards of animal care.

The Bigger Picture: Aquariums and Conservation

Many of these Ohio-based institutions participate in global conservation efforts to preserve aquatic life and educate the public about the importance of maintaining our oceans, rivers, and lakes. They also collaborate with other organizations, such as the Great Lakes Aquarium and Jack Hanna’s various initiatives, to further their missions.


So, whether you’re a Columbus native or just passing through, don’t miss out on these fantastic aquariums in and around Columbus. They offer a unique opportunity to witness marine life up close and learn about the 

importance of preserving their natural habitats. From the Columbus Zoo to the Newport Aquarium, you’ll find some of the best aquariums in the United States here in Ohio, all offering immersive experiences that the entire family can enjoy.

Aquariums In Columbus Ohio1

While you’re in the area, don’t forget to check out some of the other attractions Columbus offers, like an enjoyable round of golf at one of the city’s beautiful golf courses or a leisurely stroll through a botanical garden.

These fantastic aquariums and zoos provide interactive exhibits catering to all age groups, ensuring everyone can learn and engage with marine life. Take part in the conservation game by supporting these institutions, which work tirelessly to protect our oceans and their inhabitants.

Each location offers different exhibits, allowing you to explore diverse aquatic environments and learn about the various species that call them home. Marvel at the thousands of gallons of water that house these amazing creatures and appreciate the hard work of maintaining these facilities.

Despite facing challenges like zoo losses and animal vendor controversies, these institutions have persevered and continue prioritizing their animals’ welfare while providing a fun and educational environment for visitors.

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